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Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama helped me fix my XBOX 360

I had XBox 360 and it was my home entertainment system(combined with Orb )
I was very satisfied with my game console until the 3 red rings of death appeared.
Unfortunately, there is no official XBox support in Bulgaria (the place where I live) and I had to the buy another one - Elite edition this time.
The reason - I was XBox addicted and really love my XBox experience.

Few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to borrow him my "bricked" XBox 360.

He spent few days in reading blogs and watching YouTube clips and finally managed to bring the brick , that I gave him, back to live.

See my friend's blog post in the links section bellow for repairing details

Obama helped me fix my XBOX 360
by Pavel Natov