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Friday, December 28, 2012

Call for robotic/artifical brain developers

Are you looking to participate in a business challenge focused on edge developments related to robotics, artificial neural circuits,AI and other near sci-fi cutting edge technologies?

Ideally you should have a deep expertise in  Electronic Engineering or related field, a strong background in FPGA Design ,C/C++ skills, fluent language skills in English , High-Performance-Computing (HPC) experience/knowledge
Any experience/background in IT, robotics, AI, cognitive science may be of use.

So, If you have an entrepreneur spirit bored from your current life and have a mood to start a great adventure please drop me an e-mail to  with attached  CV.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Workshop: Building Windows 8 style apps with HTML5 and javascript

I just delivered a workshop about the development of Windows 8 style applications with HTML5 and javascript. The workshop was jointly developed and organized by  New Horizons Bulgaria and Mobile Affairs.

We had a demo unit of Windows 8 powered tablet provided kindly by Microsoft Bulgaria in order to demonstrate some of the new UI touch concepts.

I am providing links to the sample app building guide and the application source code in case someone has missed them:
VideoLib - sample app tutorial
VideoLib - sample app source code

Here come additional resources about the WinJS Promise implementation as it seems to be the most difficult to understand topic and most important and the same time.

Mike Taulty on WinJS Promises

Derick Bailey on WinJS Promises

Here comes a good overview of the key principles behind Windows 8 from the Build conference, last year delivered by Jensen Harris,Microsoft

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Debugging Prestigio PMP7070C


I just unpacked brand new PMP7070C, connected it to my Windows box in order to have a quick debug session using Eclipse and ADT and ….  kabooom!


I failed to deploy my app on the device, although I have already enabled the debugging from the Android’s Settings/Applications/Development menu.

I checked the DDMS perspective in Eclipse and played a little with adb commands from the command prompt, but still without success. It turned out that the device was not connected ( according to adb ). So, I checked the Windows Device manager and realized that the ADB driver for the device was not installed automatically.


So , XDA-DEVELOPERS.COM forums came to help again. I found the following post containing a link to the adb drivers and even install instructions if you don’t know how to do it alone.

NOTE: there was a guy complaining that the drivers did not work on 64 bit Windows. However , I am on 64 bit Windows 7  and it works for me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Android development training

I just finished the Android development course, which was developed and delivered in cooperation between Mobile Affairs and New Horizons in Sofia.  I had to present the Android developer story to the participants for 3 days and I we were able to cover most of the basic topics, which I think are must for every Android developer. We had theoretical sessions and practical exercises using the equipment provided by New Horizons. The interesting part was that most of the participant were coming from the .NET world  ( we had 2 Java-experienced participants also) , so we were able to make parallels between the two platforms and their own  tools and making the learning process more interesting.

It turns out that there is a demand for Android training around , so I guess we will continue to deliver even more training events dedicated to the Android development together with New Horizons in Sofia.

I was asked several times to cover more advanced topics by some guys, so I am already investigating the opportunity to organize more advanced events.

We will have events dedicates to Windows Phone 7 development together with New Horizons in the several  weeks, so stay tuned.

And hey, if someone from the latest Android development training was not able to obtain the source code of the labs, let me know and I will send it to you.