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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Workshop: Building Windows 8 style apps with HTML5 and javascript

I just delivered a workshop about the development of Windows 8 style applications with HTML5 and javascript. The workshop was jointly developed and organized by  New Horizons Bulgaria and Mobile Affairs.

We had a demo unit of Windows 8 powered tablet provided kindly by Microsoft Bulgaria in order to demonstrate some of the new UI touch concepts.

I am providing links to the sample app building guide and the application source code in case someone has missed them:
VideoLib - sample app tutorial
VideoLib - sample app source code

Here come additional resources about the WinJS Promise implementation as it seems to be the most difficult to understand topic and most important and the same time.

Mike Taulty on WinJS Promises

Derick Bailey on WinJS Promises

Here comes a good overview of the key principles behind Windows 8 from the Build conference, last year delivered by Jensen Harris,Microsoft