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Friday, October 14, 2005

Reading news with Outlook Express..

I found a strange behavior (it may be even a feature!) of MS Outlook Express, while trying to read some newsgroups. Actually, I have been observing this strange effect for the last few weeks. The effect was reproduced on each of the machines, that I usually work. This was true even after Windows re-installation.

When I click over the newsgroup, that I want to read(it is usually displayed in the treeview on the left)
the right pane displays the list of the postings. OE starts retrieving new posts and then suddenly the posts list disappears and the list of the subscribed newsgroups appears.
This actually prevent me from reading news.Going to offline mode resolves this issue partially.

What a relief I felt, when I found the cause.
Actually a few weeks ago I start using a new way to launch OE:
   1.Start Menu/Run
   2.type "news://"
and ops we have a problem!

If I start OE by using a shortcut, (or by pointing "msimn.exe" from Start/Run/Browse), this effect is not oberved.

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