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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Using Mobile View to manage the Device Emulator

Do you need to copy files on the device emulator? Do you need to add a bunch of keys in the device emulator's registry?

Mobile View may be used in combination with the Device Emulator. You may copy files or editing the Device Emulator's registry.
In order to do that you have to "connect" the Device Emulator with ActiveSync:

1. Open ActiveSync. From the "File" menu select "Connection Settings".
Check "Allow connections to one of the following" and select "DMA" from the dropdown list bellow.

2.Launch Visual Studio 2005 and start the Device Emulator Manager from the "Tools" menu. Launch the emulator from the emulator's list.
After the emulator is launched, right click current emulator (in the Device Manager) and select the "Cradle" menu item

3.Go to emulator itself, launch ActiveSync and select "Connect via DMA..."

4.Launch Mobile View and go to manage your virtual device.

Mobile View Web site
Mobile View download link

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