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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"How To" Series: Retrieving IMSI and IMEI on Windows Mobile

I had to retrieve the IMSI and IMEI on Windows Mobile for a particular project.
What I needed actually was the IMSI , because it may be used in OMA Client Provisoning through WAP Push scenarios. It may be very practical for the enterprise to manage its devices remotely and I will post more on that topic later on.

In order to retreive IMSI and IMEI, one have to deal with the Telephony API and PInvoke. In general the magic is done by invoking the native lineGetGeneralInfo routine from TAPI.
You may download the full source code from here

the original code article may be found here

There is another approach as well - buy the Telephony library from OpenNETCF

What is IMSI
What is IMEI
OMA Client Provisoning for Windows Mobile
The sample source code


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Thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot. You have saved my day!!!

Anonymous said...

I am getting exception at Tapi.lineOpen method. what is the possible reason for that ?

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