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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

DevReach Summary

I just came from DevReach and decided to pour my fresh impressions over my blog.
I liked this year issue more than the previous. I guess the feedback from the previous one was analyzed and used. We had session levels this time, and many folks used it to choose the right topic for them.
I attended to several sessions from level 100 to level 300 (there were not many level 400 and I was not able to attend one). There were many presenters, who participated the last year like Stephen Forte, Carl Franklin,Richard Campbell and some local guys like Branimir, Martin ,Vlado Chalkov , Hristo ,etc. It's good to see known faces.
There were many non-bulgarian attendees and this gave the conference a cosmopolitan soul.
I enjoyed again the simple and informative style of Carl and laughed on the emotional and funny sprint of Steve.
What I was missing again is a mobile dev track. Hey, mobile solutions are not another universe - they are natural extensions of every mission critical business solution!

Anyway, you guys did a great job this year. I already expect the next one.

Here comes some low-quality :-D pictures from my phone's camera:

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