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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SOA is great

I just found some funny "Chuck Norris style" thoughts on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Check them out:

  • SOA is so great 10 facts aren’t enough.
  • SOA is the only thing Chuck Norris can’t kill.
  • The first rule of SOA is you do not talk about SOA.
  • SOA in a Nutshell is 7,351 pages spread over 10 volumes.
  • SOA is not complex. You are just dumb.
  • Guns don’t kill people, the SOA WS-* stack kills people.
  • SOA can write and compile itself.
  • SOA is the mistress to all CIOs.
  • SOA is just one letter away from SOB. On purpose.
  • If a tree falls in the forest, SOA knows about it.
  • SOA is being used in the developing world to solve hunger. Entire populations will be fed on future business value.
  • SOA knows what you did last summer, and is disappointed that it wasn’t SOA.
  • SOA violates the first and third laws of thermodynamics.But not the second, as all energy flows from SOA.
  • SOA is the secret ingredient that makes the colonel’s chicken so tasty.
  • Neo didn’t bring down the Matrix. SOA did.
  • SOA actually stands for Same Old Architecture - whatever your old architecture is.
  • It has been said that an infinite number of monkeys pressing their buttocks against keyboards for an infinite amount of time will eventually produce the complete works of William Shakespeare. 100 monkeys typing for 10 hours will eventually produce a SOA project plan
  • With enough SOA in a room, you don’t even NEED developers.
  • Nothing gets between me and my SOA - except more SOA.

via Zeesjan's Integration Bits

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Anonymous said...

This is just too funny :) nice blog by the way :)