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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Windows Phone Series 7 Announced


Microsoft finally announced the latest personal mobile OS – Windows Phone Series 7 at the Mobile Wolrd Congress in Barcleona

It has new UI metaphor, Facebook and Xbox Live integration, contextual search,  Zune alike features and more. Checkout the video for features overview from the Program Manager Joe Belfiore




It is still early to talk about the features in depth and especially for the development experience.

More info about the development approach will be announced at MIX10



Following a video about the features ( User point of view )


Here comes a video about the partners supporting the new mobile platform:

There is still lack of details about the features and the developer story.


Some rumors ( non-verified ) via More Windows Mobile 7 rumors...grab some salt!

    · WP7 supports both Sliverlight (out of browser) and XNA
    · Silverlight apps developed using Expression Blend 3.x and VS2010
    · MS will release a mobile version of VS / Expression which will be free, and VS2010 / Expression Pro will have a free add-on
    · No .NET CF support, only Silverlight
    · Isolated storage which is accessible using LINQ
    · No multi-tasking (applications will pause when in the background, however they will support notifications using the MS Push Notifications environment)
    · No .NET CF backwards compatibility, however a proportion of the data and business logic in .NET CF could be ported
    · No MS manufactured device, however much tighter control of manufacturing process, so as an example each device has a 3D processing chipset, and MS provide all of the device drivers. So no platform builder. This enables OTA updates and simplified model for ODM’s
    · Marketplace will support buy and try before you buy, as well as an API
    · ODM / OEM will not be able to modify the “Start” screen, so no more HTC Sense / TouchFlo etc.
    · Browsing experience is currently faster / better than iPhone 3G, and they are aiming towards 3GS.
    · Browser is based upon desktop IE7 codebase, but with some IE8 functionality
    · No in browser Flash or Silverlight
    · Integration with XBOX Live, and ability to purchase games
    · Use of Zune software for music, videos, photos sync
    · Supports app installation through service based delivery i.e. marketplace, so no side-loading




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