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Thursday, October 12, 2006

DevReach conference just finished

The first DevReach conference just finished and I'm back to my daily (and nightly activities :) )
I really enjoyed this 2 days . I liked the drinks, I liked the food - what more you may want from a dev conference :)
The content was pretty cool. Although, I could bear sessions that dig into deeper tech. matters , I may say the content was good enough. The interesting part was the Q&A panel first day, which turns out to be a live .NET Rocks!.
There was I great foreign speakers and few local guys as well. I really enjoyed all the sessions of Ted Neward - unfortunately he had 3 sessions only. I also liked the cool and easy session of Carl Franklin about RSS, Podcasting, and Syndication - I've learn some simple and valuable tips that I had no time to learn before. And hey , he had I great trick with playing cards at the end of the session and I'm really waiting to see if Carl will publish the code for it! :)
I liked the session of Hirsto Deshev about Atlas. I think the session was quite hard for most of the audience , but it was just what I needed.

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