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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Imagine Cup Bulgaria 07 Summary

I just came from the local round of Imagine Cup Bulgaria 07
I was part of the jury and spent almost the whole day listening and watching the presenting teams. Despite of my expectations it was fun for me. I'm happy that I had the chance to watch these young motivated and smart people talking about their solutions.

There were great and not so great presentations and we(the jury) had to pick up the best one - the one to present Bulgaria on the finals in Seoul,Korea.

I've experienced a WOW! feeling, when BrainStorm(the winning team) presented their solution and as it turned out I wasn't alone - they won :)
So guys, good luck in Seoul!

Actually, some of the other teams demonstrated interesting ideas and even remarkable technological solutions. Unfortunately, they missed to meet some of the basic requirements of the contest. Some of the teams even failed to provide a live demo during their sessions - we had to guess if they could eventually implement their ideas.

Following some pictures:


ligAZ said...

I'm very glad to hear that you've WOWed on our presentation. This was the one of the main ideas of the presentation. Actually we've split it on 3 parts: First was the WOW effect, then was the main concept - mind mapping and the third part was how our tool Bookvar solves the problem.

P.S. We will definitely WOW the jury in Korea also :)

Andy said...

how did you WOWed jury in local round of Imagine Cup? What is your peoject about? :]

Anonymous said...

Can you share with us what the BookVar application doesand what technology it uses ?

Ruslan Trifonov said...

In general it is based on CLR 2.0/NET 3.0(WPF,WCF,etc).

I would love to share more details , and I will blog about it - after the finals in Seoul are past.
Only the team may decide if more details are appropriate before the final contest....