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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Most Revolutionary Microsoft Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

Marc Jacobs has an interesting post titled The Most Revolutionary Microsoft Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

He talks about the new application model based on the DSS/CSS DSS/CCR components shipped with the Microsoft Robotics Studio.

  • Do you want to easily create, host and discover lightweight services?

  • Do you want to be able to create massive distributed solution easily as you create an ordinary sequential Winforms application?

  • Do you want to be able to easily and effectively utilize multi core/multi cpu systems without even care about the standard thread primitives?

  • Then you definitely have to check out the Decentralized Software Services(DSS) and Concurrency and Coordination Runtime(CCR), which are currently part of the Microsoft Robotics Studio

    It is even more interesting: The DSS/CCR based services may be hosted in a Windows Mobile box. You may use .NET Compact Framework to create these services and run them on the mobile side.

    Are you going to attend at the Microsoft Days 2007 in Sofia on 11 and 12 10 and 11 May 2007?
    Than you may check out my session about Microsoft Robotic Studio, where we'll talk about these impressive technologies.


    Marc Jacobs's Blog
    Microsoft Robotics Studio
    The Most Revolutionary Microsoft Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

    Check out this post for CCR samples

    1 comment:

    Krasimir Evtimov said...

    I am very glad to hear that Concurrency and Coordination Runtime is still alive and waits it is time for the prime time. It has been about a year ago when I first hear about this technology and since then I am waiting for such news. I am surprised to hear it is part of the Robotics studio now, but I still hope that it has a place in a .NET framework toolset too. I will definitely be there.

    Oh and there is a small typo – CSS is another technology :)

    Meet you there, Ruslan.