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Saturday, May 05, 2007

CCR(Concurrency and Coordination Runtime) samples

As I mentioned before in this post I'm very impressed by the CCR/DSS technologies used as a runtime platofrm for the Microsoft Robotic Studio.
The CCR is created by Henrik F Nielsen and George Chrysanthakopoulos.
From Marc Jacobs's blog:

Henrik was co-author of the HTTP protocol and Microsoft’s lead envoy to the W3C SOAP committee, and George was one of the wizards that got all the bits and bare metal talking to each other in the original Xbox project.
The CCR is an interesting technology and its scope goes far beyond the robotics applications. For most of the LOB(line-of-business) applications the responsiveness and scalability are key factors for success. And they may be met by utilizing different concurrency strategies, asynchronous programming, distributed calculations, etc. However the concurrency is not a bite for everyone. Here comes the CCR to the rescue...For details explaining the CCR underhood please check out the resources in the Links section.

I've assembled 5 basic samples to outline some of the CCR features.The samples demonstrate that the CCR may be used in apps out of the robotic scope.
The samples may be downloaded from here
The archive contains the following :
1. Sample to demonstrate the FromHandler feature
2. Sample to demonstrate the Iterator feature
3. Sample to demonstrate the Join feature
4. Sample to demonstrate the Choice feature
5. Sample to demonstrate the Interleave feature

Concurrent Affaris:CCR
Peter Bromberg on CCR
The CCR samples from this post
Microsoft Robotic Studio

You may download the samples in ZIP format from here

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