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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Eric Rudder in Sofia

I just came from 2 meetings held today in the local Microsoft office. The purpose of the meetings was Eric Rudder(Microsoft Senior Vice President for the Developer Platform Evangelism Division) to meet with the local ISVs( in the first meeting)and with the local .NET User Group members(in the later one).
The atmosphere was informal and it was more like Q&A session. The second session (with the .NET User Group members) was more technical and it was really cool. I really enjoyed it! We had a little after party with a lot of technical P2P discussions.
The Q&As was mostly about the WCF. There was also a Bulgarian guy(George Kremenliev) from the WCF testing team, who gave us some additional interesting bits. I hope he will be able to make a session in front of the .NET User Group, soon.
Eric talked about the future of the MS technologies and answered tons of technical questions about the various TREE LETTER ACRONYMS and I think most of the guys there were excited to meet him.

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