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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Windows Mobile Tweaks

Following a list of registry based tweaks for Windows Mobile
Disable menu animations
To disable menu animations (sliding in&out) and speed up
performance of the UI a bit:

HKLM|SYSTEM|GWE|Menu|AniType = 0

To change it back to the default:

HKLM|SYSTEM|GWE|Menu|AniType = 6

Disable window animations
To disable window animations (minimizing/maximizing)
and speed up performance of the UI a bit:


And to switch them back on:


Add a 'Disconnect' button (and Timer) to the
Connection List for GPRS

To add a Disconnect button:

HKLM|ControlPanel|Phone|Flags2 = 8

To add a Disconnect button and a timer display showing
how long GRPS is in use for the session:

HKLM|ControlPanel|Phone|Flags2 = 16

To disable both the Disconnect button and the timer :

HKLM|ControlPanel|Phone|Flags2 = 0

Default SMS Delivery Notifications to on
To always have SMS Delivery Notifications enabled:

HKCU|Software|Microsoft|Inbox|Settings|SMSDeliveryNotify = 1

To disable them (can still enable per-SMS in SMS settings):

HKCU|Software|Microsoft|Inbox|Settings|SMSDeliveryNotify = 0

Note that SMS Delivery Notifications
are a network provider option,
and the recipient may refuse them to be sent out

Make reminders show only once
By default, reminders will keep bugging you for 2 minutes.
You can change this to zero minutes by adjusting this value:

HKCU|ControlPanel|Notifications|Reminders|AutoSnooze|AutoSnoozeMins = 0

Note that you can set this to any value you like.
Alternative to setting this value to zero is to delete the
'AutoSnooze' key altogether

Disable the SMS Sent notification
If you're tired of the "Message Sent" notification after sending
an SMS text message, you can disable them:

HKLM|Software|Microsoft|Inbox|Settings|SMSNoSentMsg = 1

And to re-enable:

HKLM|Software|Microsoft|Inbox|Settings|SMSNoSentMsg = 0

Please note that the 'Settings'
key may not exist in your device, and thus may have to be created first.

Change the SMS Sent notification text
If you just want the "Message Sent" notification to read
something different, adjust the following:

HKLM|Software|Microsoft|Inbox|Svc|SMS|MessageSent = "Message Sent"

See the full list here

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