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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Unable to install Visual Stidio 2005 on Windows Vista Beta 2

I just tried to install VS2005 on my Vista Beta 2 box and received an error message saying that the setup process was terminated.

Few minutes googling and the solution was there: I just had to install msxml6 before proceeding with the VS2005 installation. And that may be done by launching the msxml6 installer from:


Then I launched VS2005 installer again and everything was just fine.


stealth said...

why googling? call MS support!

Ruslan Trifonov said...

May be this is quite a reason:
Beta support policy
This is pre-release (beta) software distributed for trial and testing purposes only. Microsoft does not provide technical support for beta releases. Although formal support is not offered for this beta, we have provided newsgroups to help answer questions you may have related to the installation and use of Windows Vista Beta 2 (and RC1).

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